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Vendetta Online

发行商: Guild Software, Inc.
价格: 免费


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Vendetta Online is a graphically intensive MMORPG set in space. Players take the role of spaceship pilots in a vast, persistent online galaxy. Trade between stations and build an empire, or pirate traders who dare to pursue routes through areas of lawless space. Fight other players, or cooperate with friends to push back the mysterious Hive. Mine ores and minerals, gather resources, and craft unusual items. Join the military of your nation, and participate in massive online battles (see the trailer). A wide variety of gameplay styles are available, from the the intensity of huge battles and realtime PvP, to the low-key enjoyment of quiet trading and mining in less dangerous areas of the galaxy. Play the style of game that suits you, or that suits your current mood. The availability of relatively casual and short-term goals allows for fun when only a little time is available to play.
Vendetta Online has a lengthy free trial, with a low subscription cost of only $1, allowing access across all available platforms (including PC). The Amazon version includes several helpful features:
- Single-Player "Free Play" mode: after completing the tutorial, a free-play sandbox sector becomes available, letting you perfect your flying technique and enjoy minigames while offline. This feature will be expanded in future patches, and will permanently be available to anyone with the game installed, regardless of whether they ever choose to subscribe. Enjoy!
- Game Controllers: Try any of the latest bluetooth game controllers, or even classic USB wired flightsticks! Tested with Moga, Nyko, PS3, Xbox, Logitech and others.
- TV Mode: Support for micro-consoles, smart TVs and set-top-boxes, no touchscreen required (gamepad or other device is expected).
Additionally, be aware of the following:
- Lengthy in-game trial period. No billing info required, no strings attached, find out if the game is for you.
- Subscription also allows play via PC, Mac, Linux, and other supported platforms. All accounts are unified, and there is only one game universe (all platforms share one galaxy). Switching between platforms is nearly seamless!
System requirements and recommendations:
- 1ghz or better multi-core ARMv7 device (great on the Kindle Fire family!). We recommend Tegra4, Adreno 320+, Mali T6 and PowerVR Series 6 GPUs.
- 500MB of free SD space recommended. The game uses about 250MB, but patches itself, so additional free space is advised.
- 512MB device RAM minimum, 1GB recommended. Anything less may experience force-closes, and is at your own risk.
- We suggest installing over Wifi (for the large download), but playing the game should use relatively little bandwidth, and works well over most 3G networks. You are responsible for monitoring your own bandwidth usage.
- If you experience a problem, please post to our forums so we can get more information from you. We fix issues as soon as possible, but we simply do not have *every* phone.
Caveats and Additional Information:
- This is a large and complex game, a true PC-style MMO. Do not expect a "mobile" game experience. If you take a little time to read the tutorials, you will succeed at the game much more quickly.
- The tablet and handset flight interfaces may take a little time to learn, although they are effective with some experience. The flight UI will be continually improved as we receive user feedback. Keyboard play can also be very effective (Asus Transformer, etc).
- We are a continually evolving game, often with patches released weekly. Our users are encouraged to help the game development process by posting to the Suggestions and Android forums of our website. If you like the game, and have an idea for an improvement, please post it to our forum. We expect to continually refine the game for a long time to come.


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