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Birds of Britain

发行商: CleverMatrix
价格: 1.04 USD


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Reduced for limited time to ONLY 69p
The Birds of Britain app contains 268 identification guides of birds found in the UK. It will help all nature lovers identify birds whilst out and about.
The app contains detailed information on each bird and a gallery of high quality photos.
We are aware that some users had issues downloading the image and sound files needed for the app, so we have now changed the way the app works and all images and sounds are downloaded at time of purchase, so there is no need for an internet connection when using the app, everything now works completely offline.
The app has the following features:
- 223 bird guides
- Ability to Tweet from the app
- A to Z list of birds
- Family screen where by the birds are split down into families
- Favourites screen where you can store your favourite birds
- Search screen where you can search by either common or latin name
- Detailed information on each bird listed
- Many pictures for each bird listed, helping with the identification process
- Scroll through pictures with a simple swipe of the finger
- Recordings of calls and songs of birds
- Fast and simple to use
Currently the app contains 223 of the most common UK birds but we will be updating it in the coming weeks to have more.
If there is a bird that you think we have missed and you would like to see it listed, then please drop us an email at and we'll see what we can do.


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