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The app will help you store all id's and password's along with other info on your phone(just on your phone). The data will be fully safe and secure using 128 bit AES encryption.
Now that there are many apps in market... Why should i use "Password Manager Pro"? Well the following points might just make your choice easy
1. Simple & Easy to use
This is probably the most simple & easy to use app.Just save data and retrieve it, only using 1 master password
2. Your data will never be lost or misused
The app stores data in an encrypted file stored locally on your phone only. The data wont be lost even if you upgrade the app. If you are planning to format the phone just take backup
3. Multi-sync and backup Functionality
You can backup your encrypted file on your email account with just one click.
In order to sync with another android device, just send the file in Password-Manager folder to other device's Password-manager folder via bluetooth
4. Categories
Divide your data into various categories for ease of usage.
5. Forgot your password?
Dont worry we provide multiple ways to recover the password incase you forget it :)
6.Unlimited Storage and Easy search option
7.The app will log out if it is in background for more than 30 seconds. You can change the logout from the app.

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