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Rocket Player Premium Unlocker

发行商: JRT Studio LLC
价格: 免费


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Customize, manage and listen to your music library on Android. Features include: advanced audio formats, web art downloading, ten band EQ, pre-AMP, assign an EQ to item, gapless playback, variable playback speed, crossfading and Right/Left balance. Read More below!
Premium/Advanced Features:
- Advanced audio formats: Apple Lossless (alac), APE (ape), True Audio (tta), Musepack (mpc), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), Waveform Audio File (wav), WavePack (wv) and Windows Media Audio (less lossless and copy protected) (wma)
- 10 band graphic equalizer with bass booster
- Customized EQ presets, spoken words, loudness, small speakers and more
- Assign an equalizer preset to a song, genre, playlist, artist, album, podcast or composer
- Preamp to boost the audio volume
- Limiter to limit distortion
- Right/Left balance control
- Gapless playback to listen to the album as the artist would intend
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for podcasts to catch up on podcasts
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for music to learn new music or pick the pace up
- Read Replay gain to normalize audio values (does not calculate)
- Crossfading to fade from one song to another
- Start/stop time from iTunes when used with iSyncr for iTunes to Android
- Marked gapless albums (iTunes) will play gaplessly when used with iSyncr
When combined with iSyncr for iTunes to Android ($4.99) Rocket Player allows you to:
- Sync new playlists/playlist changes back to iTunes
- Sync podcast bookmarks to/from iTunes
- Sync song ratings to/from iTunes
- Sync video play counts
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