Stellar Escape

发行商: Animoca
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From the company behind the smash-hit Android™ titles like Pretty Pet Salon, Ultimaze, Pet Cafe , comes a unique action game. Running for your life has never been this visually stunning and exciting.
You became the most wanted man in the universe.
Enter the high-tech, intergalactic world of Elliot Black, a space courier from the Beta Sector. After a courier job goes wrong and you accidentally foiled Lord Gulasch’s destructive plans, you’re forced to flee for your life. You have to survive by escaping his henchmen and dodging obstacles that you will meet along the way leading back to your spaceship.
Stunning effects and smooth controls.
Brace yourself for an extreme adrenaline rush as you try to escape Lord Gulasch's space center. Enjoy the awesome graphics and super-smooth, accurate controls. Experience the ultra-high speed chase.
Challenging and exciting gameplay.
Get ready for Stellar Escape's 15 action-packed levels in 5 different locations in Lord Gulasch's space center. As you progress, you will encounter more and more obstacles with increasing difficulties. Slowpokes wont stand a chance! Still feel the rush? Try the Endless Mode to enjoy Eliot's nightmare escape over and over!
Another Hit Game from Animoca.
Animoca publishes a wide range of fun and innovative game apps ranging from time management and strategy, to all-out, action-packed games such that will surely leave you hanging on the edge of your seat! Popular apps include Pretty Pet Salon, Ultimaze, Pet Cafe all available on the Amazon App Store. Find more games at

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