Fire DJ (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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Introducing FIRE DJ - Because music is best enjoyed spontaneously and with friends.
FIRE DJ transforms your Android device into an incredibly compact and robust mobile DJ system, allowing you to perform your MP3 music library live practically anywhere, or just enjoy your music collection in a more entertaining way with friends and family. Featuring a number of "smart" automated functions, an amazing tempo shifting algorithm, multiple themes, split-output capabilities, full user guide, exceptional ease-of-use and solid performance, FIRE DJ offers a unique music experience targeting DJs and music lovers from the bedroom and beyond.
Bring the entertainment to your next party, gathering, social event, wedding, living room, the park, coffee shop, a car trip, break room, or anywhere your Android device goes, just don't forget the portable powered speakers.
We care about security too, and request minimal app permissions. We must use the INTERNET permission to display the local HTML user guide. Contact us at our website for any questions. Requires higher end phone or tablet. Enjoy the music!

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