ACARS Decoder

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Want to display ACARS transissions, without using a bulky computer?
ACARS Decoder lets you view ACARS transmissions on your android device. Just connect it to a VHF radio (or even set it next to the radio's speaker), tune in an ACARS frequency, and watch the decodes.
Decodes can be automatically saved to an acars.txt file on your device's SD card or other memory by enabling the Log button.
Leave the radio's squelch open so you have static all the time, and tune to one of the ACARS frequencies:
131.725 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Europe
131.525 MHz ACARS Tertiary channel for Europe
136.900 MHz ACARS Channel logged near London
131.550 MHz ACARS Primary channel for North America
130.025 MHz ACARS Secondary channel for North America
129.125 MHz ACARS Tertiary channel for North America
131.475 MHz Company channel for Air Canada and some European airlines in North America
131.125 MHz ACARS channel local to ORD so far
131.550 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Asia/Pacific
131.450 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Japan
130.450 MHz Overflow ACARS channel in use in the Washington, Boston, Chicago, and DFW areas
Buy your copy right now, and start decoding and displaying ACARS transmissions in minutes.

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