Fighting of Sango: Legend of Heroes

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The Three Kingdoms times which were historic in China,generated many many heros and lots of drastic wars which were written into the annals of history.
The game sets the attack and defense as the kernel, deducing the relaxed and humorous three Kingdoms story in fantasies,the player can fully experience the drastic confrontation between both attackers and defenders,and the accessible pleasant sensation with game operation.
In the game,you are required to use the hero to defend the enemies,and to achieve the final victory by means of the reasonable lineup.
1)Including the six big scenes of mountain forest, snowfield, gobi, fortification, showdown,total 24 stages.With the graceful music,every stage will give you different experience.
2)Providing six buildable defense units,every unit has different feature.
3)Seven heros possess excellent skills each other,if reasonably use these,it will be easier to pass the checkpoint.
4)Adding the six interesting different mini-games,the new playing will make you challenge the limit of your own.
5)The 16 kinds of enemies and 12 kinds of Boss will fiercely attack your city.Do defeat them and gain your Three-star.

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