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My Monster is a fun little game for kids of all ages which promotes creativity with both pictures and music. Create your own monster using a myriad of variations for clothes, horns, and other monster parts. Here are some of the reasons to play My Monster.
Simple Mechanics: My Monster offers a wide variety of monster parts while keeping the gameplay simple. The buttons are bright and pictorial, so that kids can easily identify the purpose of each button. The layout of the game is simple so that kids can get right to playing, without having to worry about getting lost in the menus.
No Advertisements or Outside Links: My Monster is designed for little ones, so we made sure to offer a game without advertisements. There are no in app purchases or banner ads to accidentally click. Additionally, we took out all of the links in our credits section to avoid accidental travel to the internet. Be assured, when your kids are playing this game, they will stay in the game.
Fully Interactive: Use swipe or buttons to change your monsters appearance. Big buttons and wide swipe area let little fingers focus on the fun!
Thousands of Combinations: My Monster offers variations in 10 different categories, the result being thousands of possible monster combinations! This is only the beginning though, as Liquid Gameworks plans on offering regular free updates to expand the already huge collection of monster parts.
Promotes Creativity with Images: My Monster offers a simple game with which kids can be creative. The different graphical selections allow kids to match costumes and create new facial expressions. Kids can learn how combinations of eyes, noses and mouths create specific expressions, such as happy, goofy, and grumpy. This game is also encourages decision making.
Promotes Creativity with Music: While most games have music, My Monster offers something more that engages kids not only in the game, but in the music. Each button which would change a monster part also plays a note in the key of the game soundtrack. This means kids can play along with the song, creating their own melodies to accompany the already catchy soundtrack.
What will your monster look like?

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