Pepe Run

发行商: 段志刚
价格: 免费


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Pepes now want to run further!
Let me introduce Pepes - a group of heros who never fear! They are such cute characters you may love... but you need to discover all of them in the game.
It's all about speed! This fast-paced game insanely challenges your reaction, try your best to keep your little cute Pepe from knocking any obstacles in the way of rushing, and see how far it can travel. Also better collect the coins and other things Pepe loves, the more you collect before contacting an obstacle, the bigger surprise you will get.
Game is extremely easy to play. Left, Jump, Right, there're only three buttons for you to control the Pepe's direction. You could probably be a master in 5 minutes!
There's a wonderful 3D world in the game. Sweet, lovely wooden house, and five nice scenes that bring you into the desert, beach, woods, and more!
Of course you could find a lot of interesting items in your way, they are a lot of fun, and..., yeah, surprising!
* The game goes real 3D
* Both survival mode and timing mode provided
* Cool avatar system, what does Pepe look like? It's up to you!
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