Run Dino Run

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Dino is a young dinosaur that wants to run fast and possibly even reach the stars!
Help Dino get as far as possible, but watch out from those meteors as Dino runs like the wind.
Run Dino Run, is a fun and engaging action game for all ages. A fun time for kids and a challenge for the young at hearts.
With joyful HD graphics that varies across 5 different zones, engaging music and an ever changing grounds, you're in for a treat!
Tap once for Dino to jump or twice for a larger jump. Descend fast or slide down hills by swiping down on the screen.
Dino runs faster as he rolls or slides down hills, but will slow down when mounting a hill, so Tap for Dino to jump over the hill if you can. Time it right and Dino can reach Warp Speed!
However, Dino has only so much strength to jump and slide, so make sure to eat fruits to replenish your strength.
There is also special food - Spicy food will get Dino running faster and pumpkins are a good shield against meteors. make sure to use then when you come across one.. after all, It is known that Dinosaurs have only 7 lives.
The Game starts easy, but as you survive more days and advance from zone to zone, terrain will change and it will become harder to keep Dino running. Enjoy the ride!
Check the short video showing the game features here:
In the Game you'll find:
- Lovely HD graphics, with 5 different zone landscapes and ever changing ground for a new experience every day!
- 5 Different Zones to cross, with increased difficulty level for each zone. Zones unlock as you progress in rank.
- Achievement based ranking system for Dino to advance, from a Protosaurus level upto the ferocious T-Rex
- Vast Leaderboard system - Compare your results with friends and the rest of the world on each zone and for each score criteria.
- You can also enjoy your own background music while playing the game.
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