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MP4 Video Player, best video player in the Android Market, quality MP4 movie player with useful features..Totally FREE!!
Don't forget to put your comments, this will help us to improve its quality! Updating soon..
Its Featured MP4 Video Player. You can play the different videos on your android mobiles of different size & quality. This Video Player will play an important role in your phone's use. Its the best Video Player in Android Market to help the peoples to play MP4 videos in their phones and tablets.
We ensure you will love this Player after using it. It scans your phone's videos and makes easier to manage the videos.
Key Features of this MP4 Video Player:
• This Player only supports MP4 formats.
• Its Video player with good features.
• See the list of your videos with its details.
• Can remove the unwanted videos from the list.
• Sort the list with our own choice.
• Adjust the brightness with finger swipe.
• Control the sound volume with finger swipe.
• Seek bar is controlled with finger swipe.
• Pinch on the screen to zoom.
• Full screen mod is used.
• Can repeat the wanted video.
• Player controls to play next or previous videos.
• Play Pause added.
• Get the video details.
• Share your favorite videos with your friends.
• Add bookmark to make the favorite list of your videos.
• Mute the media volume.
* Its not a Flash Player Or FLV Player
Developed By: Joltatech
This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. The required permissions are just for ads. So please do not give 1 star. Appreciate the Developer work. thanks

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