Medrills: Medication Administration Port

发行商: ArchieMD
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The Advanced/Paramedic task for initiating a medication administration port is fully illustrated using 3D graphics and interactive exercises to reinforce key learning concepts. This lesson includes: preparation of the equipment, selecting an infusion site, correct insertion method, how to connect the catheter to a MAP and IV bag, initiating fluids administration, securing of the infusion site, monitoring the infusion site for complications, labeling of the equipment, and documentation of the procedure.
o Medrills, presented by ArchieMD, provides compelling training material for preventive and general medical tasks such as obtaining IV access, performing CPR, or using an AED. The app is dedicated to an individual medical task and includes:
1. An instructional animation providing a deep understanding of the medical task.
2. Training with interactive exercises which enable practicing the task to prepare for assessment.
3. Coming soon, there will be an in app purchase of $6.99 for a testing section to evaluate the user’s knowledge and skill level of a particular task. Score above 85% with no critical task failures to receive a certificate for nationally recognized 2.5 CEH advanced credit hours certified by CECBEMS.

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