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The Battery Pro

发行商: Mobix Development
价格: 1.65 USD


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Application is new and there is many updates coming. If you encounter any bugs or have a feature email us, don't post problem in comments because we won't be able to contact you. We will try to answer all your questions and solve problems you have.
Manage your battery with style and efficiency. Fully customizable widgets HD quality and stylish battery indicator for your android device. Get estimates for battery life and battery charge time. Toggle system functions (sound,wifi,bluetooth,gps,data,...) all on one place to reduce your battery drain.
Application is optimized and uses very little battery, test with other application to check battery use in background.
- battery level indicator in notification bar with battery life and charge estimate, power source status
- homescreen widgets (1x1) HD quality (tablets supported) - displays level or temperature with level - widget 1x2 with battery level, life and charge remaining, fully customizable - change orientation, frames, liquid, liquid color, opacity, orientation, background transparency - battery information - battery level graph (levels for last 15 changes) - system togglers (wifi, bluetooth, gps, data syncronization, data traffic, device orientation, airplane mode, brightness, sound) - custom brightness level (set your own values for toggle) - motorola 10% fix (use only on motorola devices if you have wrong battery level displayed) **** Important information & FAQ: **** - this app is tested only for stock android systems and should work from FROYO 2.2 and up - togglers might not work on each device and there is no way we could test that (over 2000 devices) - togglers gps and data need root or converting to system application, depends of device. If there is enough privileges application will toggle directly those options otherwise it will open screen where to change it manually - to convert application to system application use tool like Titanium backup - application displays ads but when application runs in background there is no traffic exchange by internet so ads do not have any significant impact on battery level - make sure you just use motorola fix if you have wrong readings for battery levels, otherwise application might become laggy and increase battery drain PRIVILEGES EXPLAINED (: - CHANGE_WIFI_STATE, ACCESS WIFI STATE - to read and toggle wifi state - BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - to read and toggle bluetooth state - ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - to read gps state (not to spy on you :) ) - WRITE_SETTINGS - to write all the settings toggled into device - WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - to write settings toggled when phone is rooted into device - READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE SYNC_SETTINGS - to read and write synchronization toggle state - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - for ads and to read airplane mode state - INTERNET - to receive ads (only in free version) - CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - to read and write data traffic and write airplane mode state Keywords: battery charge indicator level power source status best battery saver


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