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France TV Free

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FranceTV allows you to watch many free French and international television channels on your Android smartphone/tablet. No need flash player plugin, FranceTV supports major french channels as well as famous international ones like BFM24, France 24, CNN, BBC, Fox etc. FranceTV provides mechanism for managing channels effectively. Users can also preview their favorite channels and easily switch to desire one.
Not only television channels, all most all French radio channels are also available. Playing of french shows is supported.
Before giving us a negative review (or rating), make sure you are connecting to the internet via unfiltered or proxified network. FranceTV will mostly open connection to streaming server at TCP port 1935 (RTMP Protocol). So if you see most channels are offline, this is very likely that you are blocked by firewall (most company will do so). Please contact your administrator for help before give us a negative review. Thank you !
We collect channel data from the internet so some channels may work, some may not work at all depend on your geographic location and your internet connection speed. This application won't suppose to replace your cable television. We are working very hard to keep the channel list updated, however please don't expect a cable television level of stability and performance. Using France TV is FREE. However, it will consume a lot of data traffic and may be charged by your operator, consult your operator for pricing. We recommend using USTV via WiFi or unlimited data plan. Thank you !
*******DMCA Notice****************
FranceTV Free does not own or host any content. It simply aggregates links in a convenient, user-friendly interface. Please email any questions or concerns to before sending to Amazon . We will be more than happy to comply with any DMCA requests within 24 hours.


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