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Image to PDF is an easy to use tool, which allows you to convert your images from your mobile phone into a PDF file.
- All prevalent images will be supported
No matter which file you want to convert (JPEG, PNG or GIF), all types of images will be supported
- Album images
Choose your images directly from your album
- Take a new picture
It's also possible, to take a new photo and convert this one into PDF
- define the size of your picture
you can define the size of each picture in PDF, at all transformations
- Overview
all of your images will be stored, you are able to retrieve and send your images at any time.
- Private web link
Each PDF gets a secret web link
With this link, you are able to access to your generated PDF. This is private and just for your eyes, of course!
- Open
You are able to open the PDF in your app
- Send as an e-mail
You are able to send your created PDF directly from your app via email to you or any other person.

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