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Eigo Jozu

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Easy step to learn English! All you have to do is just listen to it!
“Eigo Jozu” is the standard app for learning English!
・The app is suitable for people who have problems listening to English pronunciation.
・From junior high school students to senior high school students or the beginner-level students.
・This app is for people whose TOEIC scores are between 250 and 450. This app is made by former English teachers and is very effective to improve your English skills.
= It’s effective to foster your English listening skill. =
“Eigo Jozu” is the app that has various functions and is designed to train your English listening skill.
You can improve your English listening skill just by “listening” to this app, so the place doesn’t matter; you can learn English at anywhere you want, such as on the way to work or school, in the bed just before going to sleep, and so forth.
= The magical methods to foster English listening skill =
・【Activate your brain】 Train your ears by listening to English at several different speeds.
・【No translations necessary】 Visualize the image and then listen to the conversation.
・【No dictionaries necessary】 It includes the detailed descriptions in Japanese.
= Innovative ways of learning English =
* 1
Cultivate your English sense by image training!
First, visualize the image by checking some important phrases used in a conversation in Japanese, and then listen to the conversation in English. It helps to get rid of the habit to translate the conversation to Japanese while listening.
* 2
Activate your brain by listening to English with several different speeds!
You start from a natural speed and speed up to 1.5x and 2.0x, and then back to 1.5x and a natural speed. It effectively activates your brain and improves your English listening skill in a short period of time. You will be shocked to see how easy it becomes to listen to English at a natural speed after this practice.
* 3
Easy step to learn English! All you have to do is just listen to it!
We recommend you concentrate on listening without looking at the texts.
= Episode =
You will get used to the natural speed of English by listening to conversations at several different speeds.
= Off Beat =
You can improve your English listening skill by listening to unscripted daily conversations by English native speakers.
The iPhone app “Eigo Jozu” has been selected as the Hall of Fame of App Store Essentials.
= We have been creating fun learning software for 18 years. =
= Contact Information=
= Production Lineup (Android app) =
・”Eigo Jozu”
・”Eigo Jozu –intermediate-“
・”Eigo Jozu –Oversea Trips-“
・”Eigo Jozu -Off Beat-“
・”Master 8000 English Vocabulary”


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