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aSip(formerly SipPhone based on Android system) is first native SIP/VOIP application . All calls are made directly to the SIP provider, no middle-man like customized proxy involved, so no voice delay and call quality is excellent.
Using WiFi/3G connection on your mobile, aSip(formerly SipPhone based on Android system) turns your Mobile into a pocket VOIP phone, so you can make cheap or even free phone calls (local or long distance) over the internet at anytime, and from almost anywhere.
Support and Questions:
For support and questions regarding aSip (formerly SipPhone based on Android system), please read our FAQ.
You can also send email to Our support staff are more than happy to help you out with any issue you may experience.

SipPhone based on Android system used in enterprise
Many of our customers used aSip (formerly SipPhone based on Android system) to turn their Mobile into their office phone extension so they can use iPhone to make/receive phone calls over their company's phone system.

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