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While poker can get really thrilling, strip poker can get quite…chilly.
Would you like to see her wearing Eve’s costume only by the end of the night?
Well, you have to be a good poker player. Otherwise, she might actually beat you. And in this case, ripping everything off you gets quite…literal. Of course you would rather watch your crush undressing herself for the sake of the game. Of course you want to bring some diversity into your sex life. Of course you want to know how to play poker and, more importantly, how to play STRIP poker!
“good poker tips, great ways of playing poker- didn’t even know there are so many variations”- Gary S.
An app that will unfold the secrets of turning poker into the steamiest game you have ever played. THE app to take with you when you feel like…getting lucky!
Learn how to make poker even more interesting by adding an adult twist to it, right now, right from this App. Learn how to make a deck of cards the best sex toy for you and your partner!
Poker is a fascinating game. People have lost their fortune in it. People seem to have lost their souls in it. There’s a strange aura of mystery and shadow that seems to be laid over the rules of this game, and which seems to unveil only to some of the players. Poker might be a devilish game, but sometimes, if put in the right context (hot girls, sexy people and a lot of open-mindedness), it can turn into a truly heavenly bliss. Betting your entire bank account on it has its thrill. But betting your entire…attire transforms a simple game of cards into the best pretext for other mature games... Learn the poker rules, tips and trick that will unveil sexy women’s most hidden treasures! Learn the poker hands that might even get your hands on nothing more and nothing less than a girl’s most precious gift!
If you’re trying hard to kick dullness out of you and your partner’s sex life, then you might be needing something cheaper than any sex toy: a deck of cards and some good poker hands. Poker can be an exciting game even when it’s not money at stake, but when the loser leaves the table literally naked, it becomes an adult game every couple should try at least once (careful there, it can become really, really addictive!). Gambling has never been hotter! A royal flush has never worth more! Your deck of cards has never been a sexier tool in the improvement of your sex life!
Knowing when to hold them, knowing when to fold them, knowing when to stay and when to leave, knowing when to bluff and when to play honest- poker is a complicated game that requires not just a good amount of luck, but also requires analytical, critical skills, as well as “knowing people” in general (knowing how they react, knowing how to “read” them). Yes, poker is more than a game of the chance. And while some people have lost their lives around the table, this game of cards can be a very fun way of…getting to know more intimately your friends. Make sure everyone is open-minded about it and that they are all ready to bet all they have…on them. Make sure all inhibitions are left behind. Make sure you know the best poker tips, so that you can enjoy the “view” in a less…naked way.
Download now! Learn how to make a poker game become your number one seduction tool! Download and get rid of a relationship’s sexual boredom!

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