Crashsite Defense

发行商: GbC Studios
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Welcome to 'Crashsite Defense', a hilariously fresh and funny strategic defense game - now available on the Amazon App Store! Meet our paranoid captain, his attractive yet helpless aide and our arch-enemies, cute robots which actually don't want to do anything else but help.
*** Top 20 iOS Strategy game (02/2012) ***
*** App of the Week at Ansca Corona ***
Choose from a wide range of highly upgradeable towers and specialize each of them in a total of fifteen different directions to defend your crashed starship - or invest your hard-earned resources into a wide selection of special attacks which become crucial during all-out attacks.
Just remember: Never let those nice robots get close enough! You know what needs to be done!
Includes dozens of fun-filled levels for hours and hours of fun. Stunning graphics with realistic explosions, fast-paced action, a top-notch original battlefield score, a lovely android, homing missiles, RPG elements which allow you to play the game exactly the way YOU like, a storyline which lets you burst in tears of laughter - what more do you want?

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