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Thomas's Travels in Bookland

发行商: La Souris Qui Raconte
价格: 3.65 USD


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“Thomas’s Travels in Bookland”, an interactive adventure in which Thomas finds himself locked in the library. There, he meets Little Red Riding Hood, Alice and many other well-known characters from the world of children’s literature.
Thomas, accompanied by his mother, passes through the great big doors of the public library, for the first time. He has to choose a book but which one, there are so many? He picks one up at random and starts to read. As he does, he enters a world where books take on a life of their own, where words come alive and characters spring out from the pages. Thomas finds himself on a journey that leads him into the deepest depths of his imagination. A place where books seem to have magical powers and are able to put the reader under their spell. What if you too to played with words?
From 6 years onwards.
This book is part of the “To Play” collection by La Souris Qui Raconte, which can be
identified by the hand symbol in the right corner of the icon. Our other “To Read”
collection is recognisable by an eye symbol.

La Souris Qui Raconte publishes original works that are 100% digital, adapted for web reading as well as e-book readers and makes reading fun! The company distinguishes itself in the publishing world by setting previously unpublished stories in an imaginative graphic world. Its collections will appeal to parents who are eager to find responsible digital literature for their children aged between 5 and 10 years old.


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