Kart Racing 3D Car Race Game

发行商: Sulaba Inc
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Kart Racing 3D is a fun racing game in arabic desert with pyramid tunnel passage. Never lose the spirit in a beautiful desert storm track with choice of colors of karts to go withit. Race with other AI karts while collecting gold coins on your way to win the race.
Mutilple camera views, various car manual & motion controls like gas pedal, brakes, reverse controls or choice of mixing both. Game is a teaser for all ages and addictive to disolving music with the game. Fire flames during collison of karts and artificial cars physics to look more natural. Don't miss the action and fun in one 3D racing game in a racing track with beautiful lake, pool, pyramid tunnel, palm trees and desert storm sand. Leave the racing drift mark on the track and win the race in a hidden jumpy places. Best desert racing chaser. game.
Key Features:
* Race with AI cars and collect gold coins
* Various controls and combination - Steering, Paddle, Stick, Motion
* 3 different modes of game play - Race and Chase with AI's, Countdown and TImer
* Cool desert storm track - feel it.
* Pyramid tunnel passage with fire flames and eye catching graphics throughout
* 6 camera views
* Map view and rear view mirror
* Beautiful water effect on lake/pool around the track.
* Absorbing desert theme music for racing

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