Hidden Objects: Winter Fantasy

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Hidden Objects: Winter Fantasy is a Classic Hidden Object game that takes place in over 24 Unique and Gorgeous Locations around the World in a Winter Fantasy Wonderland!
Tap to find many different unique objects ranging from household items to creatures, birds, and animals!
The game starts out easy in your quest to find all the objects and items, then progressively gets more complicated as the scenes, and Wintery Worlds become more complex, and the items become more disguised within the scene!
Use the hint button to find an object, or engage your eyesight, and wits to find every item within the scene!
Features include:
Gorgeous Graphics, and Beautifully Illustrated Worlds that come to Life on Screen!
A Wide variety of objects in each scene to locate, and find - includes items like: keys, animals, birds, butterflies, ducks, birdbaths, pen, pencil, butterflies, owls, ducks, lanterns, ladybugs, spoons, snails, necklaces, jewelry, teacups, teapots, hammers, books, cones, chess pieces, and many, many more objects!
Each scene has unique objects to locate, and each level is a Unique, and Gorgeous Image of a Garden - no repeating Scenes, or Images!
Magical, and Relaxing music to listen to while you sit back, and enjoy the ambience, and find all the objects in each scene!
Perfect for Kids and Adults - A Wonderful balance of hints to aid you along the way!
Level Select System so you can go back to another level and complete it later, and skip levels as well!
Great for the New Year - Play with your friends, family, and loved ones - keeps your mind occupied, relaxed, and a great way to destress from a hard day of school and work!

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