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Match It invites preschool children aged 1.5 to 4 years to explore an exciting island packed with interesting colorful images waiting to be matched against each other.
Toddlers love Match It because it lets them do what they do best: explore and experiment. Parents choose Match It because it combines preschool education with fun.
* 20 boards in total - Exciting wide selection of topics and challenges ranging from geometrical shapes and colors to animals, toys, boats, airplanes, cars and more.
* 8 easy boards - Simple objects with strong differences in shape and color and an identical match (for children aged 1.5+).
* 6 medium boards - Items match by color or shape only or are partially hidden or transformed (for children aged 2+).
* 6 hard boards - Advanced shapes with minor differences, contextual match or partial match (for children aged 3+).
* Attractive high-definition (HD) images and animations - Kids keep coming back to look and point at the unique child-friendly images and animations.
* Audio and visual encouragement - These simple rewards after each completed board encourage the child to keep practicing.
* Educational value - Helps develop visual perception, cognitive and concentration skills and improves fine motor skills.
* 100% ad free - All our apps are designed for small kids and therefore 100% free of advertisement.
* Child-locked user interface buttons - Buttons that are not part of the playing experience are child-locked, so a toddler cannot get lost in a dialog or turn on the sound without help from a parent.
I can play! is dedicated to providing parents with educational meaningful apps for their little kids. Topics, images and challenges are carefully chosen to be suitable for children of the indicated ages. I can play! is a parent to parent app maker. Our apps are tested and evaluated by the best experts in the field - our kids!

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