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The ingenious learning system for your German driver license category A2. The app contains the official questionary. The app repeats the official exam questions, like an intelligent file card system. If a question was answered correct more than once, it will be picked less frequent. In so doing only the wrong answered question will be learned. The Lern-O-Meter offers you an overview of your own knowledge. This app provides the possibility to learn all exam questions for your license very easily und efficiently. state of questionary: April 2018
The app contains:
✔ statistics about learned questions and learning levels
✔ bookmarking questions and learning them as a separate chapter
✔ in-app manual
✔ overview of the last incorrectly answered questions
✔ test mode (it is possible to simulate the official exam under the same conditions)
✔ app works offline, no Internet connection is necessary
✔ last updated questions are displayed in a separate list
✔ message service for news about

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