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发行商: Visualarts co.,ltd.japan
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Following the " planetarian ~dream of a small star~", 2nd Kinetic Novell.
Stories and painful undertaking of "Okano Toya", the fantastic graphics soft by "Sagano Aoi", beautiful music, directing a variety, decorate the story.
Stage, a very ordinary suburban bedroom community. Sad love story of a girl who came from a distant star is drawn.
Please enjoy the heart full story and spread the light tone of the piano is woven Yuku!
[!contents!] app
To "watch a movie", to "flip through the pages of the novel", it is a digital Novell will continue reading the story.
Excellent story to attract the high level of immersive video player with a simple operation, and a variety of effects, music, and beautiful.
I do the download of the data for the operation on the first boot after purchase. At this time, I need at least 87MB of free space in the storage area of the terminal.
Naomi Hasegawa…The boy always remember the feeling of loneliness. Against others is cold, aggressive somewhere. The protagonist of this story. 13-year-old junior high school freshman.
Neon…Aliens came to Earth aboard the spacecraft. Although a bit clumsy, I brightly, even for something positive.
Vodka…Accompany the neon, artificial life form for reconnaissance and search operations. An intellectual, I always speak in a subdued tone. The size is about that ride in the palm of your hand.
(C) VisualArt's / GiantPanda
Do not use this device outside.
Kindle Fire Series
Model and was released from the company's mobile phone carriers in Japan
OS2.2 or more
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