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eLibrary Manager

发行商: Karl Weckworth
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NOTE: This application works with non-DRM ePub books (be aware that Amazon books are NOT ePub).
eLibrary Manager is an Android application that allows you to manage and enjoy ePub books on your Android devices. With books loaded on an SD card, you can use the application to
1) New v4.1.0 Full Version Export updated book information to calibre. NOTE: This feature requires use of Calbre Documents Provider app.
2) Discover eBooks on the SD card and load them into your eLibrary.
3) Explore the eLibrary using the metadata included in your eBooks.
4) Customize which book metadata properties you want to use for viewing book information, performing searches, and sorting.
5) Find books in your eLibrary using ad-hoc searches or by invoking saved Book List searches.
6) View book lists with various layout, grouping, and sorting options to help keep the information organized.
7) Manage eBook information with update ability for virtually any metadata property available for your eBooks, including Categories (synonymous with tags, book shelves, subjects), Series and Series Index, Ratings (up to 5 stars), Title, Authors, Description, and many more...
8) Update book covers from images on your device storage.
9) Export updated book information.
10) Designed to work with Calibre, suporting both standard and custom Calibre properties.
11) Full Version Export ePub books with merged book information updates included, along with external book information files (OPF/cover image).
12) Full Version Manage non-ePub books. NOTE: Requires external reader applications.
13) Full Version Integration with Book Info Lookup Add-on app (available as separate free download) to browse Open Library records for alternate covers and book information. Install add-on to enable.
14) Full Version Use the Book Info Browser to explore your library by browsing book information like authors, categories, series, book lists and more.
15) Full version Create and manage custom eBook information properties.
16) Full version Manage bookmarks, notes and highlights.
17) Full version Export bookmarks, notes and highlights.
18) Full Version Launch external reader applications.
The ePub Reader is a feature of the eLibrary Manager application that allows you to read ePub books. Some of the features you can enjoy are
1) Use on-screen buttons or swipe gestures to change screen pages one at a time or continuously for fast screen flips.
2) Use pinch in and out gestures to easily change font sizes.
3) Keep track of the current and total screen numbers for the chapter you are reading, as well as the current and total page numbers for the whole book.
4) Goto any screen in the chapter or any page in the book.
5) Add your favourite fonts.
6) Read books in single or multiple columns.
7) Search for text anywhere in the book you are reading.
8) Navigate through the history of book positions when you need to explore.
9) Pick up where you left off when you finish reading and start up again.
10) Customize the visual presentation of books by setting margins, line height, justification, font, and font size.
11) Access the multi-level Table of Contents for the book you are reading.
12) View a summary of the book you are reading.
13) Perform dictionary lookups using configurable dictionaries.
14) Let your Android device read eBooks to you.
15) Export updated book information.
16) Full version Create and manage bookmarks, notes and highlights.
17) Full version Export bookmarks, notes, and highlights.
18) Full version Synchronize book positions between devices.
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