RPG Knight of the Earthends

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Knight of the Earthends
[About the game]
Once, that world had its limits- the ends of the earth. The surface of the earth was split into four. Around them were bottomless precipices, over which the four seas tumbled in mighty waterfalls. Humans believed that those were the boundaries of their world. They had believed this since ancient times, ever since the myths about the creation of the earth had come to be told...
In response to a report of huge beasts in the forests in the north part of Graileda, Reiya, a female knight, is ordered to subdue the beasts. She goes off on her mission with Raud, a golem in the form of a human, who is being tested in real-life situations. On their mission, they come across Yuinika, a young girl with a horn on her forehead. The three of them become traveling companions having subdued the beasts. This is the beginning of Reiya's journey, accompanied by Raud and Yuinika. ... Reiya is still the same as other humans at this point.
She believes that the earth has its boundaries, and she has no suspicions regarding the world in which she lives her life, a world just like a miniature landscape garden.
This a dynamic fantasy RPG, featuring an adventure around the ends of the earth.
Enjoy the stirring energy of the battles and the quest.
[Dynamic battles]
The game features fast-and-furious battles, full of energy. You can hear the characters' voices during the battles. The bold shouts of Reiya and her companions, and the fascinatingly beautiful effects which fill every moment of the battles, make for a captivating experience.
[Characters with their own individualities]
The knight Reiya, whose strength comes from a combination of equipment and techniques (arts). Raud, a golem whose performance can be freely adjusted by modifications.
Yuinika, a Unicohelt who develops by making enemies' magic her own. Get to know your characters' abilities as well as you can, and develop those abilities as you wish. Your battle tactics, making the best use you can of the characters, are the best weapons you have in your quest to take on the secrets of the world, and the menaces that threaten them.
(This app has generally been tested to work on any mobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee support on other devices.)

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