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Mini Golf MatchUp

发行商: Scopely
价格: 免费


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Tired of finding the same old words just to beat your friends? Sick of birds who are angry for absolutely no discernible reason? Accidentally ate your phone or tablet because of overly realistic graphics in your favorite candy game?
Never fear – Mini Golf MatchUp™ is here!
✓ Play against friends and family anywhere in the world
✓ 5 fun courses, over 70 holes, dozens of crazy obstacles
✓ Connect with friends from Facebook, Twitter or SMS
✓ Chat with buddies via in-game messaging
✓ Simple, drag-and-release gameplay mechanic
✓ Realistic physics and ball movement
✓ Unlockable premium courses, with new content coming!
✓ Play several games at once
✓ Do overs to help you make par
✓ Collectible gems to boost your score
Challenge your friends to the #1 mobile mini golf game, featuring fun courses, 3D graphics, score-boosting collectible gems, crazy slopes, turns, jumps and ramps, par-saving do overs, an unbeatable putting mechanic, and instant rematches. Available FREE on both Android and iOS!
Stunning, hand-designed 3D graphics, creative and challenging course designs, and our original pull-back game mechanic make the gameplay enjoyable, satisfying, and addictive! Over 70 holes across 5 courses allow for endless fun on your phone or your tablet! Start out with the Simple Summer course for a relaxed, casual game of mini golf. Turn up the heat and enjoy some hardcore putt putt on one of our unlockable premium courses for a PGA-level pro golf challenge. With countless obstacles including dinosaurs, octopuses, pyramids, sand traps, lakes, sharks, and sweet jumps, there’s no end to the action-packed sports puzzle adventure of Mini Golf MatchUp.
One of the best social gaming experiences available for phone and tablet, Mini Golf MatchUp lets you go head to head with friends and family on both Android and iOS, where you can find out who owns the golf course and who’s just pretending to be a pro. Scored a hole in one? Boast about it on Facebook or Twitter. Made a new golfing buddy? Chat with new friends via the in-game chat messaging feature! Want to find your friends who are already playing or invite new ones to join? Full Facebook integration makes it possible.
Miss a shot? Knock your ball into the water? Playing more like Tony the Tiger than Tiger Woods? Not to worry! Do overs are available for those occasions your ball doesn’t find the hole.
Kind words from our golf friends:
“Mini Golf MatchUp is the next Angry Birds, minus the birds and the anger. Similar style of awesome, realistic physics and drag and release gameplay, though.”
-- Brevity Johnson, putting expert and bird aficionado, California
“Every course is magical, every obstacle a challenge, every putt an adventure.”
-- Harry Porter (no relation to Harry Potter), Utah
“I am not Tiger Woods, nor have I ever met Tiger Woods, but I know that if he played mobile mini golf, he’d play this game right here.”
-- Tiger Woods look-alike
“Addicting arcade action, awesome gameplay, and bright 3d art make this a must play.”
-- Jimmy, pro drywall specialist, New Jersey
“It won’t be long until the PGA uses Mini Golf MatchUp to decide the Masters champion. The gorgeous graphics and addictive multiplayer gameplay are just that good.”
-- Crazy PGA fan
“When I brag on Facebook and Twitter, it only makes other kids want to play me more. We even have our own tournament.”
-- Peter, 4th grader, Oregon
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