Funtastic Camera Pro

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Unlock the full potential of your Android camera!
NEW: Video mode now supports pausing and resuming the recorder! Still in experimental state but should work on most Android devices.
NOTE: If pause/resume doesn't work on your device and you want to help us fix it, please send us a really small video file (mp4 or 3gp) in order to be able to reproduce the issue. Even a black video will do (cover the lense with your finger). Thank you.
Pause/resume has been successfully tested on the following devices:
1) Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V (Android 4.0.4)
2) Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) (Android 4.0.4)
3) HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.5)
4) Kindle Fire HD 7" (Android 4.0.3)
5) Measy A5A Android media player with USB webcam (Android 4.0.4)
3 operations modes to select from:
Photo mode: Capture photos at full resolution. Group photos are possible using the delay timer.
Video mode: Capture videos at full resolution. Pause and resume the recorder at will, in order to create great videos. Become a director with your Android camera! Tweak all available video recorder parameters in order to fit your needs.
Time lapse (video): Capture time lapse videos. Configurable capture rate (in frames/sec) and tweakable parameters for the video recorder. This mode might not be supported on some devices.
Pinch to zoom or slider based zooming in all capture modes.
Support for multiple cameras on the same device with persistent per-camera preferences.
Simple and easy user interface with an interactive, in-app, tutorial to help you learn it faster.
How-to section in the help pages with image based description of common operations.

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