Squids Wild West HD

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A brand new SQUIDS game, No.1 RPG in 65 countries with a 5-star rating!
The Squids are back: bigger and better! The epic adventure continues as our band of stretchy heroes explore the underwater Wild West, fight back against the evil Black Ooze, and search for Winnick, their fallen comrade.
If you don't know SQUIDS yet, SQUIDS Wild West is a great place to start! SQUIDS Wild West has a unique mix of action strategy and RPG: build your team of heroes for challenging turn based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimp!
This sequel is even better than the original, with many surprises in store: devious new enemies, four new playable characters, and nearly twice as many levels. You can even ride seahorses into battle!
* Features
- Brand new chapter in the funny and exciting SQUIDS saga
- Unique mix of turn based tactics and classic RPG elements
- An epic adventure: hours of gameplay with varied missions and boss battles
- Simple controls: grab Squids by the tentacles, then fling them across the battlefield
- Four character classes with different abilities: shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers
- Recruit your own Squid army among 12 playable characters
- Equip your Squids with special ability boosting helmets
- SQUIDS Wild West is localized in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean.
For the latest SQUIDS news, or to ask us a question, check us out on Twitter(SquidsTheGame) or Facebook(SquidsTheGame)
No Squids were harmed during the making of this game.
(But we can’t say the same for the shrimp...)

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