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Alarm ONE

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With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, Alarm ONE is the indispensable alarm clock app in your daily life. Connected with SNS sites such as Facebook,Sina Weibo, and Tencent Weibo,Alarm ONE makes it possible for you to let your daily routines known by your friends. You could also get their supervision on getting up on time, which would add much more fun to your alarm clock program.
- Simple interface design
Compared with other alarm clock apps, interface of Alarm ONE is more simple and elegant. Based on the smart settings, it does not require much setting by yourself.
- Smart flight mode
Alarm ONE would automatically help turn on the flight mode when you turn on the alarm before going to sleep at night. And your cell phone would come back to normal state the next day after you getting up.
- Alarm label helper
You wouldn’t need to fill out the label of the alarm yourself anymore, for Alarm ONE would label them automatically with “wake-up alarms” or “break alarm” according to the time they are set.
- Know well about your daily routine
If you delay turning off the alarm clock, Alarm ONE will record it. When geting enough data, Alarm ONE would provide you with suggestion about your settings, like turning up the sound volume or changing the way it rings.
- Quick Setting of nap alarm using timer
When you want to take a nap, it is so simple that you just need to set a nap alarm using Alarm ONE’s ring timer.
- Connecting with SNS sites
Alarm ONE has been connected with SNS sites like Sina Weibo,Renren, Facebook and Twitter. You could get your friends’ supervision by posting the time you set.


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