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Flick It Sports

发行商: Hoskins Mobile Apps
价格: 0.99 USD


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Your finger walks into the Stadium, the wind is blowing and your heart is pumping, the goal is in-front of you... Flick - Score!
Welcome to the addictive world of Flick It Sports - play the most popular sports in the palm of your hand!
Flick It Sports lets you play Football, Soccer and Basketball at your fingertips in massive, 3D stadiums that take up the whole of your screen! In a hurry? Flick It Sports is a game that you can pick up and go - you can play Football, Soccer and Basketball wherever you are, whenever you want!
Shoot a round of five goals - flick your finger across the screen to shoot! It’s not as easy as you think; as the wind speed picks up and threatens to knock your ball off course, you will have to use your skill to predict where to flick! The different games modes can keep you entertained for hours on end! There are 4 games modes and 3 sports to choose from:
- Arcade Mode: Progress in the game as you are challenged to score at least 3 goals out of the 5 chances that you are given!
- Practice: Not too great? No problem! Flick It Sports lets you enter practice mode - to gain some skills!
- Time Attack: How well do you aim under pressure? Only time can tell! Race against the clock as you only have one minute to score as many goals as possible!
- Sudden Death: Master of the ball? Are you brave enough to face sudden death? The sudden death mode has no time limit, and only one chance to score.
- Sports Ninja: Slice all the basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and beach balls, but if you miss 3 balls or hit a grenade it is game over!
In this highly addictive game, you will be faced with impossible challenges and unbelievable tension as you aim to win. Flick It Sports tests your agility, fast-thinking and skill for an ultimate combination of finger exercise.
Hear the crowds roar and your finger pumping - in Flick It Sports


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