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Plan Your Baby’s Birthday! Care, Dress Up, Bake Cakes, Open Gifts! Arts & Craft Activities Inside! Paint B’Day Banners, Make Paper Doll Decorations, Blow up Balloons, Loads of Fun! This Birthday has it All! Host Friends, Invite a A Clown, and More.
Your favorite babies are back and ready to party! Hang with Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava, four adorable babies who can’t wait to make and eat birthday cake, play with balloon animals, and have fun at a birthday party. Once they open their presents, get ready to rock out with a piano, pan flute and drums!
• Dress Up Time
Kids can pick their baby and dress up their favorite birthday girl in over 260 adorable items including cool glasses, t-shirts, and pacifiers. Dress your baby as a fairy, ballerina, giraffe, and much more! Have the baby model your favorite accessories before she heads to her birthday bash!
• Birthday Cake Time
Kids can bake their favorite birthday treats. Mix the flour, water, sugar, eggs, and get baking! After you’ve baked the cake, don’t forget the frosting! Make the baby happy when you feed her, but don’t forget to wipe the cake from her face!
• Be Creative - Arts & Craft
> Balloons: Blow up some colorful balloons to decorate the party. Choose from animals, Helium balloons and more. Make sure to tie them with a string, or they are going to fly across the room!
> Cupcakes: Every birthday party needs awesome cupcakes! Decorate them the way you want!
> Paint B’Day Banners: Paint an awesome decoration for the party!
> Paper Dolls: Make chains of paper dolls to decorate the party.
• Party Time!
Make a wish before you blow out all of the birthday candles on the cake! Then cut it up and serve your guests! You can watch the clown perform, the magician dazzle, or even jump around on the moonbounce!
• Unwrap the presents!
The birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the presents! Make sure the baby has piled the presents high, then they are ready to be opened. Kids can actually play virtual instruments in the app!
> Bake a birthday cake for your favorite baby then feed it to them!
> Once you’ve baked, teach responsibility and clean the kitchen and your baby’s face!
> Babies love arts and crafts! Fingerpaint with them, cut out paper dolls, and have a blast!
> Hang out at the party! Serve cake, watch the clown, and then go jump in the moonbounce!
> Open cool presents and make your birthday baby extra special.
> Learn how to play “Happy Birthday” on a virtual piano, pan flute, and the drums!
What's inside:
> 14 exiting costumes
> 45 shirts, dresses & pairs of fun socks
> 20 pants, jeans & skirts
> 65 bracelets, necklaces & sunglasses
> 25 hairstyles & hats
> 30 pacifiers, mustaches
> 25 pairs of crazy shoes, sandals, boots
> 15 toys, wagons, baby carriages & more
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