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BookListen is a great tool, it can let you listen to the text in the books(Pdf/epub/mobi/prc/azw/azw3/doc/htm/html/txt) !
It can read pdf, epub,mobi/prc,azw/azw3,doc,htm/html or txt file
1. You can get text from a PDF file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
2. You can get text from a epub file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
3. You can get text from a mobi/prc file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
4. You can get text from a azw/azw3 file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
5. You can get text from a doc file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
6. You can get text from a htm/html or txt file by file browser then press 'Play' button to speak it out.
7. You can select file in the recent file list
8. Bookmark will be saved for each file you read.
You can adjust the speech's speed and pitch;
You can set the read progress to the point as you like.
Function button:
Recent file button : display the recent file list you read;
File broswer button: display the sdcard pdf/epub/mobi/prc/azw/azw3/doc/txt file ;
Play/Pause button : play/pause speak the text;
Next button : bypass current selected words;
Clear button : clear the text;
Setting button : set the read speed and pitch;
Hide/show book list button: Hide/show the book list(Only useful for tablet)
Read progress bar : display the current read progress, if you press on it, it also can locate the read progress to the new point. It's helpful when you want bypass parts of the text.
NOTE:Only read ebooks in the SD card, please put your books in the folders under the SD card, Thanks.
Tips: To change the default female voice to male voice, you can decrease the pitch value.
About the permisssions:
READ_PHONE_STATE: this is used to pause the speech when a call is coming
WAKE_LOCK;this is used to keep device wake, if it sleep it will stop the speech
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:save the recent read book list and bookmark
"I tried to put books in the folders named Kindle, or Docs, but when I opened the application there was nothing there"
-- Suggest to put the folders in the kindle udisk's root path. for eample "myebook". then in the app's browser view , you will see it in the default path. For more infomation about the connecting a Kindle Fire to a PC or MAC you can visit:
" when it reads a pdf, it scans the document and to converts it to text. It seems to miss most of the white space. As a result, half a sentence will be read as one word."
--This app can get text from the normal pdf, but it can't get the text from the pdf which is scaned piture vesion, or from the part of picture in the pdf. If have problem, could you send a mail to us? Email:
"The app can only read the first 3 pages of a larger PDF"
--It make the app response more rapid. Because PDF read need long time, especilly for large PDF files, this app only pre get some text from pdf into a text buffer, about 3~4 pages, when the text speech is playing, app will get more text in the background.
"this nice apk can't change the annoying kindle hd default Ivona female voice!"
--Yes it is true. we guess the kindle hd's speech is pre-recorded. for pitch setting has no effect on any pre-recorded speech.


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