Galactic Fortress Defense 3D

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Space Fortress Defense
In this amazing 3D game you will need to defend the planet of Pattole by adding towers that will shoot directly at your enemies. In order to buy ammunition you will need to earn gold so you can attack the enemies.
Make sure you give what it takes to defend your civilization! It sounds easy, but its not! Are you up to the challenge?
✓ 14 Levels (first 4 are included without the need of inapp purchase)
✓ Over 190 chapters in 14 different scenarios.
✓ Six different towers to choose from
✓ 35 different characters
✓ Futuristic design by Danielo Lipelle.
✓ Some weapons will require in-app purchase.
In order to get access to the next scenario you will need to finish each one. Score will not get registered until you finish an scenario. Now you are not only competing against yourself, but against a big robotic (alien) civilization.
What are you waiting for; the village needs your help!

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