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Japanese History For Junior High School & High School Students

发行商: 学校ネット株式会社
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Shinsei Ran Im monkey, battle of Dan-no-ura, six wave Tandai Luo, Jian Wu,
Strange samurai laws degree, Genroku culture, Rakusuman, of Sakuradamon outside,,.
This app, important matters which I want to hold absolutely on to learn Japanese history has been recorded along the trend of the times.
By using unravel in order from the beginning, you can with a large flow of Japanese history, and stores the important keywords of each era.
Used as reading material is also good, used to test the measures are good.
I can not exclude absolutely when learning Japanese history, it is recommended app.
Is divided into age of 18 contemporary and ancient, for each era, I record the test.
The test, a quiz format of exchange of questions and answers, 5 problem is questions at a time,
Taking a perfect score, I was able to well, mark, such as initiation into the secrets runs out.
GakkoNet Corp, Inc. has developed this app
I run learning website 4000 schools across the country to take advantage of the "you tomorrow".
It also has become a popular series with more than 300 million downloads total learning application also provides a large number.
Please use all means learning app "iterative learning series".
We carefully check the accuracy of the content, but please understand that it does not guarantee.
Those who found a bug or mistake, I am happy when you can contact info @ mark addressed.
I am allowed to use the sound material such as the following as sound effects and BGM of this application
"Sound of green tea" Asian Japanese style sound source material
Taiko sandyrb
Japanese Temple Bell Mike Koenig


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