Reading book "Peter Pan" by Saori Yuki & Sachiko Yasuda

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This is a digital picture book with the narration for kids. The narrators are Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda. Saori Yuki is a famous POP singer over the world. Sachiko Yasuda is also a famous singer of the classics who is her elder sister. Their voices have the tender warmth of a mother. And the illustrations are very colorful and beautiful.
You can choose two reading style. When you bring the Kindle upright, you can read one page in the screen, and bring it sideways, you can read two-pages spread.
It is about the adventures of Peter Pan who came from the fantasy world and Wendy and her little brothers. They met a fairy, mermaids, pirates and others. There are a lot of exciting adventures.
Narrator: Saori Yuki

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