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Our agentless discovery doesn't requrie agent installed on managed computers and as long as Management Point computer has outbound internet access it will work you don't need to make firewall change for your company. One Managment Point computer can manage hundreds of servers in just 15 minutes. All the management tasks are on mobile, you don't need your computer manage IT anymore (computerless).
Demo mode is available after the app download.
Create your 30-day FREE trial account from the InfraDog web site. The account is a full production version with unlimited # of servers, mobile devices, and users.

All communications are securely encrypted starting with your Management point PC/Server to the hosted cloud on Microsoft Azure and from the cloud to your mobile devices.
If you require additional support you can review the FAQ page on our website or directly email us at
Key features on mobile:
1. Server monitors
Event Log
Monitor group of computers by templates
2. Alerts
Email alert
Mobile push notification (unlimited)
In App alert history
User based alert acknowledgment
3. Remote access
Event log
Shutdown/Restart (Reboot)
Port Query (Telnet)
Maintenance mode
Touch based research
4. Change and configuration
User based change and configuration log
Global search by Hostname or IP
5. Real time reporting
Detailed server inventory report (PDF) sent by email
6. Multi-Users
Invite additional sysadmins or users for your account
Access control based on user's role
7. Multi-Profiles
Manage multiple customer IT environments on a single mobile device
Designed for Managed Service Providers or IT consultants
8. Account management
Manage users, mobile devices and subscription on web admin portal
9. Agentless deployment
Single Management Point can manage hundreds of computers
Multiple Management Points are supported for complicated network environment or sites.
Operating systems supported:
- Desktop: Windows XP and up
- Server: Windows 2003 and up

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