Storm Gunner

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The hottest shooting game hits the Store!
Bringing you more fun than you could expect!
Join us and meet many new challenges! Enjoy endless excitements!
You will find it hard to stop playing!
The coolest FPS strategy game in history! A variety of bombs and battle fields: If you are crazy about shooting games, you can’t miss this one!
About the game:
In this FPS game, you are a brave soldier and do your best to stick and protect your position in a narrow beach. Your enemies are the soldiers, paratroopers and even their army officers. What you have is your weapons in your hand and your courage!
Come on, show us how many enemies you can destroy!
Game Features:
* Hundreds of quests are waiting for you!
* Special FPS game with free movements.
* Amazing weapons, guns, grenades and other special weapons.
* Uncounted enemies will get your blood boiled.
* Fast game paces bring you exciting experience!
What users are saying about the game:
Nice game! War is not over! *****
by difujia: It is a great game. Try it!
Storm Gunner HD: War Is Not Over *****
by johngreen43210: This game is very addictive. You start playing and it's hard to put it down!
War is not over! *****
by shuaiqi001: I have to say this game's controls work well.This is a good first person shooter game and it desserves five stars.
Cool 3d graphics ****
by Disgusted consumer 777: Pretty fun shooter. Nice pretty graphics, especially the sun
Great game and graphics ****
by perefm76: Great graphics and very addicting
Simply Enjoyable... ****
by SpiceHustle29: I was kinda iffy about trying this one but its definitely enjoyable. No need to run around just aim, shoot...boom!
Now come and play too!

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