Nurse's Office

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Grab your Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Machine, and a Medley of fun Nurse tools, and take charge at the clinic!!
Select a patient and get started with the treatment plan!
Choose from a variety of tools, ointments, bandages, and more!
Clean the patient's wounds with ointment, bandage them up, take their Blood Pressure and Vital Signs, and see their injuries disappear!
Next - Xray the patient to check for any fractures, then cast them and send them to the Sticker Lab where you can decorate the patient with a medley of stickers, and fun toys!!
Great fun for kids! Makes medical care look fun and carefree, and gives them a free range of things to do - if they get bored, they can move onto the next activity like the X-Ray Machine, or sticker section where they can decorate the page to their heart's content!
Great fun for all ages!! Kids will enjoy this hit game for the Summer!!

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