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Voodoo Doll - Anger Relief

发行商: Smart Touch Games
价格: 29.99 USD


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- Meet the amazing Voodoo Zombie-Girl Doll. Who said that they couldn't be cute?
- Use the renovated arsenal with lots of weapons.
- Try the new Hell Torture mode. Just use all the weapons available to earn as many points as possible.
Voodoo Magic is rather dangerous and therefore alluring. Isn't it great to control over the people, their mood and feelings. Voodoo Doll - Anger Relief will help you to pull aside this veil of secrecy. All you need is to make a special Doll, that will be linked with your offender or the object of adoration. Such Dolls bring not only suffering, you know. This is also a great opportunity to de-stress and have fun, playing with funny Dolls.
And now, enough talking! Let's do magic:
- Choose your Doll: they could be cute or scary, but conduct magic equally well;
- Select one of 3 modes: a carrot or a stick? And maybe just endless suffering!
- Use different weapons from the arsenal, or appease the Doll with treats;
- Earn magic points and relieve stress.
The mysterious world of Voodoo Magic is waiting for you in the Voodoo Doll - Anger Relief. It's time to create your own Doll!


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