Chinese Flash Cards for HSK Level 1 Lite (No Ads)

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Flash cards have been shown to be one of the most effective ways for learning a foreign language.
It is especially true for learning the Chinese language.
In this lite app we collected 66 of the 150 Chinese words from HSK level 1. The words are presented in flash cards format. To facilitate easy learning, these words are organized into the following themes: Adjectives, Adverbs and Other Functional Words, Home and Faimly, Positions, Food and Drinks, Greetings and Conversations, Measure Words. In the full version you also have words for the following themes: Numbers, Pronouns, At School, Time and Day, Around The Town, Verbs, and Other Common Words.
These Chinese words are from the new HSK. The new HSK is geared towards words that are used daily and practically.
The Chinese words are presented in Simplified Chinese form. One Chinese word will be shown at at time. The flash cards were designed such that you can pick a random word to test yourself using the "Random" link, or you can pick an adjacent word using the "Previous" or "Next" link. To flip a flash card to see the Englsih translation and pinyin for a Chinese word, simply click on the "Flip" link.
The Chinese words and pinyin are presented in pictures. Thus you do not need to worry about the encoding of your device.

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