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CARTOONS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED ON YOUR KINDLE FIRE!! Cartoobe is an app that lets you create an endless video archive complete with cartoon series and full cartoon episodes!
In a matter of seconds you'll be able to create an incredible collection of cartoons for you and for your children (the app is indeed designed for kids but it will make you feel like a kid again too!).
How does it work? It simply lets you collect every cartoon that you can find on Youtube. In fact, there are hundreds of cartoon series there, from the epic '80s series to the modern ones, including the best animes of all time! Cartoobe lets you choose the Youtube channels containing your favourite cartoons and add them to the many already available within the app, thus creating your personal and infinite cartoons video collection! You can add as many channels as you like and to do that you just have to tap on the TV icon in the upper right corner on the main screen; you will then have the chance to select the cartoons channels suggested by Youtube or you make a free search amongst all the channels on Youtube.
There is also a Bookmark feature that will enable you to gather your favourite episodes and find them again later on with a simple tap. Besides, don't worry if you don’t have time to watch a full episode, Cartoobe will resume the episode from where you left it!
Besides cartoons, Cartoobe can also collect many other contents; cartoons theme songs, tv serials, karaoke and educational contents.
- If the series already available on Cartoobe are not enough (or if you're looking for toons from the past), you can add as many Youtube cartoons channels as you want! On the main screen, tap on the TV symbol in the upper right corner (the number below it tells you how many channels have already been added to the app). A pop-up window will let you choose from channels suggested by Youtube (RECOMMENDED CHANNELS BY YOUTUBE), all the Youtube channels (SEARCH YOUTUBE CHANNELS) or the channels previously added by you (ADDED CHANNELS).
TIP: Even if the titles and the icons of the recommended channels don’t inspire you that much, try add them anyways (especially if they have many videos) and browse their episodes, you might find some cartoons you didn’t know or maybe the ones you were looking for! :)
Cartoobe is a bookmark manager for YouTube channels dedicated to children. All the channels already available within the app are official channels from certified Youtube green partners. All the videos are played directly on YouTube.

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