Name That Car Pro

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Name That Car
Here's a fabulous game for all the car fanatics and petrol heads out there.
Featuring the best selling cars of the year, American muscle cars, famous cars from the Movies, European cars including Italian exotica, historic cars, pick-up trucks, in fact hundreds & hundreds of auto mobiles from all over the world.
Cars are revealed slowly square by square, simply select the correct car from the choices given - guess early for extra bonus points. Click any square to reveal it, but this will reduce the bonus.
In later rounds the game gets more difficult, you can't pick your own squares and less of them will be revealed.
Game ends after 3 wrong answers, however after level 30 its sudden death so any incorrect answer will end the game.
There are hundreds and hundreds of cars.
Enjoy. and perhaps you will see your next car as you play.

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