Tasty Tadpoles (Kindle Tablet Edition)

发行商: Mark White
价格: 2.99 USD


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4/4 (Must Have) "Tasty Tadpoles offers an enjoyable experience that should sate the hunger of most puzzle fans." - Slide to Play
4/5 "It's just a great game to kick back on the couch and play. While contemplating your cute little tadpole's path through the pond, you too will soon find yourself in an amphibian-induced trance." - TouchArcade
4.5/5 "Who knew being a tadpole was so much fun?" - Gamezebo
4/5 "There are plenty of levels to plough through, as well as both modes, the secret stages, and unlockable characters to boot." -Appspy
Tasty Tadpoles is a deliciously addictive trial of survival, available now on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Tap your tenacious tadpole triumphantly through four puzzling ponds of peril.
You'll need fast fingers to flash past the fleet green tadpoles, a keen sense of cunning and craftiness to overcome the territorial yellow tadpoles along with tremendous timing and precision poking to swim under those tedious turtles. If push comes to shove you can always eliminate these eclectic enemies with the zap of an electric eel!
Delectably elegant controls crafted for touch devices
Prod frogs, poke turtles, nudge water beetles, hide in bubbles, swing open gateways, zap electric eels, spin into whirlpool portals + a feast of other features
4 puzzling ponds - garden, murky and amazon
100 luscious levels plus a mind-chewingly challenging 'puzzle mode'
4 scrumptious characters to unlock & 18 yummy challenges
Dive in to the adventurous world of Tasty Tadpoles today!

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