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Earth n Space

发行商: Actual concepts
价格: 免费


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This App, Earth & Space, helps in interactively exploring Earth and Space real time simulations. People can experience a deep & meaningful understanding of Practical Science skills through our Apps.
About the content in the App -
1. This App focuses on the following sections - Planets, Earth-Sun-Moon System, Eclipses, Ocean Tides(coverage below).
2. Each simulation contains detailed activity list to be performed on that Simulation. Performing these activities will enhance the understanding & knowledge. They are highly touch enabled and game-like helping the students to play and learn Science skills.
How is this useful -
For Parents - Parents can use this app effectively to make your child practice and learn Science skills from these highly interactive & touch enabled game-like simulations that children would love to play with.
For Students - Students can perform the activities on the simulations presented on several figures.
For Teachers - This app can be used as a classroom tool to supplement teaching that enhances productivity. This app boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun filled lab experience in your classroom
*Coverage in free version*
1. Order of Planets in Solar System
2. Earth-Sun and Moon System
*Coverage in Premium version*
1. Order of Planets in Solar System - You can place the planets in the correct order for them to rotate! Play and Learn!
2. Earth-Sun and Moon System - You can see why it takes 28 days for the Moon to rotate around Earth, How many times Moon rotates around Earth in a Year etc., Very interesting activities!
3. Causes of Seasons - Practically understand how seasons are formed!
4. Phases of the Moon - Step by Step you can manually control the Phases of the Moon by rotating the Moon around the Earth!!
5. Earth's rotation - Day and Night
6. Lunar Eclipse - How it appears from different parts of Earth? How is this formed? - Simulate and learn!
7. Solar Eclipse - How it appears from different parts of Earth? How is this formed? - Simulate and learn!
8. Why not Lunar Eclipse every full moon? - Understand it through 3D simulation
9. Ocean tides - Full moon/New moon - simulations
This is a free version of Earth & Space app that will help people experience a deep and meaningful understanding of Solar System (coverage below).
Every simulation includes a detailed activity list.
Planets in Solar System, Earth-Sun-Moon System, Earth's Rotation, Day and Night Formation, Cause for Seasons, Phases of the Moon, Lunar & Solar Eclipse, Ocean Tides


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