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Finger Lie Detector

发行商: Just4Fun
价格: 免费


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"Finger Lie Detector" is a perfect app to make a joke of your friends. It pretends to be a Polygraph and tells if your friend is telling the truth or is lying. It can display "TRUE" or "FALSE" after your friend puts his finger on scanning pad and answers the question. You are able to choose which result will be displayed, but your friends will not know about it.
Just follow these instructions to make a gag:
1. Cheat your friend that your mobile can detect lie based on finger pulse, pressure and sweat production.
2. Tell your friend to put finger in the center of green scanning pad (on fingerprint image). Red scanner line will start moving under your friend's finger.
3. Ask the question you know the answer to.
4. In case your friend:
TOLD THE TRUTH - tell him (or force him) to move his finger away when the red scanning line is in the TOP HALF of green scanning area.
LIED - tell him (or force him) to move his finger away when red scanning line is in the BOTTOM HALF of green scanning area.
We have more! This app is also live wallpaper (cool lie detector wallpaper) and widget (you can put direct link to app on you home screen)!


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