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Dead System

发行商: Animoca
价格: 免费


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Roll. Transform. Blast everything in sight! Dead System is a FREE futuristic sci-fi first-person and third-person shooter hybrid (FPS & TPS) that will take you from the outer limits of the Solar System all the way to Earth. Transform between a highly mobile spherical mech and a giant robot of destruction and blast your way to victory! (Note: external controllers supported!)
The Dark Future of Earth
A long-lost TransMecha Assault & Infiltration Drone (TM-AID) unit has returned to the Solar system after centuries of absence. Upon reaching trans-Neptunian space, TM-AID activates its communications protocols but is unable to locate any response; neither sentient intelligence nor automated systems greet the lost machine.
Where is Everyone?
Although its sensors detect no signs of life, TM-AID locates several anomalous energy signatures coming from derelict orbital stations. After initiating a successful weapons check, the ancient drone plots a course to the nearest station to begin investigating this eerie, dead system... and find out what has happened to the human race!
Roll, transform, and shoot your way through 100 action-packed levels as you lead the TM-AID through its journey from the edge of the Solar system, exploring a series of abandoned orbital stations where the only signs of life are mechanical. Watch out for holes throughout the damaged facilities. Destroy key points and evade or shoot down dangerous mechs guarding the wrecked stations. Knowing when to fight and when to run is crucial to your survival! Learn to manage your limited energy reserves as you transform in and out of battle mode. Use Turbo Mode to get out of tight situations!
Lose yourself in this trigger-happy, “blast first, ask questions later” FREE sci-fi shooter! Get Dead System now!


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