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Tune in to CBS Sports HQ, the free 24-hour sports news network that brings you the best highlights, expert analysis, game previews and recaps, fantasy info and betting advice. It’s all about what happens on the field, with no yelling, fake debates, or politics. It’s live all day, every day and available wherever you are. Just open the app and watch whenever you want.
Get in-depth coverage of the biggest leagues and sporting events — NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, soccer, WNBA, PGA golf, MMA, boxing and more. Watch the best highlights of the day, get in-depth analysis, and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and stats. Plus, get betting information and insight from the Vegas experts at SportsLine. With live anchored coverage running around the clock, you’ll always have the latest information.
Watch the Fantasy Football Today show live on CBS Sports HQ Monday - Friday at noon ET and Sundays at 10am ET to stay on top of your fantasy football players with detailed breakdowns, projections, and advice to win your league. And if you missed the show live you can watch past episodes on-demand any time!
New! You can now watch live games and sports shows on CBS Sports Network anytime by logging in with your TV provider. Stream college football games every weekend directly on your Fire TV!
CBS Sports is the #1 source for NFL Football, College Football, MLB, NCAA, NHL, WNBA, MLS, and PGA Golf sports news, scores, videos and more!


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